People ask me that all the time ...

Do you dress up? I usually wear ordinary clothes - mostly black - to keep the focus on the balloon creations.

Do you do anything else besides balloons? I have associates that do face painting and magic.

Do I need to provide anything for you? I just need enough room to set up - and a bottle of water?

Do you take deposits? It isn't necessary if you pay online.

What if I need to cancel? Please give us 72 hours notice.

Do I have to sign a contract? Nope! Your payment is enough.

How do I pay you? Easiest and best is paying online when decide to book your event.

What do you make? Almost anything! Really! Animals, people, motorcycles, mermaids. Motorcycles? Yep!

Do you make (enter any licensed character name here)? Nope! We are bound by copyright laws.